Step back in time to this 1870 Victorian Inn.

Just minutes from Edison Birthplace and Milan Historical Museum, Cedar Point Amusement Park, skeet shooting & bird hunting, 18 golf courses 40 minutes or less, Lake Erie fishing, and the Lake Erie Islands!

Once the home of Henry R. Welschon tobacco grower and cigar maker. Henry made his fortune during a time when 87% percent of the adult male population smoked cigars, including a local inventor named Thomas A. Edison.  Come and sit in the parlor in one of the leather chairs facing the fireplace where Henry would spend his nights with his dog Jasper testing one of his newly blended cigars while sipping on a fine glass of bourbon. On bourbon and cigars, Henry was always quoted, “One cannot have a bride without a groom.”

Enjoy a game of billiards or perhaps a game of gin rummy at the card table (Henry’s favorite).  Or just relax at the bar with drink and conversation in the gaming room.  Sit on the front porch and view a brilliant sunset where Henry would sit and watch eager travelers pass by on horse and buggy.  Then take a stroll on the 4  acre estate.  The past is alive and well at the Tobacconist Inn.  Decorated in cigar memorabilia from the time period when the inn was constructed and U. S. Grant was president, smoking fine cigars and sipping on a great glass of bourbon. Book your time travel today! 

Rent – Three days, long weekend, or for the week.  

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